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We supply quality 5 pole motors, flywheels, wood stain and other useful products to hobby shops around the country.


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Roundbell Hobby Products is a supplier of mechanical parts to improve the performance of scale locomotives in N, HO , S and O scale . The key to great running locomotives is the motor so a broad selection of quality motors is the heart of our offerings. We chose to stock the Mashima line of 5 pole can motors from Japan because they do not cog as several well known brands do and have superb low speed performance. They are very quiet and have smooth power with virtually no vibration and come in a full selection of sizes. Over the years some of these motors have been imported and sold by GSB (the Tan Can motors), N.J.Intnl. and A Line but we are the only current importer of the full line of motors.

Flywheels can greatly enhance the performance of a motor so custom made flywheels of the very best quality are offered to match up to the available motors. All of these products will be offered through better hobby shops

If your local dealer does not stock what you need you can contact us and purchase all parts directly.

Our chief engineer/mechanic also has a web site where he sells all of our products (including custom modified flywheels) plus bell armature (Micro) motors, gearboxes and other supplies from PSC, NWSL, A Line and Timewell.